Becoming a partner or service provider

We are comprised of leading organizations involved in basic adult education in Miramichi, dedicated specifically to packaging and promoting adult learning programs that respond to you, our  student’s needs, and the needs of our community. 

All of our programs are free of charge. By working together, we are helping organizations involved in adult learning, improve processes, promote programs and reduce costs.


Our Approach
Basic adult learning is a huge mandate. That is why we all need to work together. Solving it involves identifying new opportunities through creativity and insight; it also involves the hard work of removing the barriers, and finding resources.  It’s about identifying the needs of the student, business and the community and also how to overcome what holds us back.

We value and utilize the unique talents that each individual team member offers. We also draw on the knowledge and resources of our stakeholders and advisors.


What are the standards our partners must meet?

All of our program delivery partners must strive to meet the following criteria:

  • Mandate – the agency has a clearly defined mandate for literacy programming or a mandate that compliments the literacy needs of our students to assist them in transitioning to college, a job or a better quality of life
  • The agency demonstrates- the ability to fully discharge the responsibilities of operating and managing the training program in a manner that maintains public trust
  • Learner Assessment – the agency is expected to conduct learner assessment and measure the progress of the learner
  • Curriculum -the agency must have clear learner outcomes that are in within the guidelines the Adult Learning Curriculum Guide of CALNet
  • Learner files – files must be established for each learner to provide a record of their participation, assessment and achievement
  • Teachers – the agency must ensure the teachers have the knowledge, skills and competencies necessary to fulfill their duties
  • Facilities – must be safe, comfortable and equipped to meet students’ needs