Tutoring One-to-One


Do you want to improve your reading, writing or math skills? The Miramichi Literacy Council can help by offering one-to-one tutoring assistance in these areas.

Trained tutors and their students meet one-to-one or the tutor will attend a class in the Bridges to Success Network.

Miramichi Literacy Council Tutors pride themselves on:

  • Being responsive to the needs of the individual learner.
  • Respecting the learners prior knowledge
  • Being empathetic, caring and interested in the learners’ needs.
  • Being creative in adapting to suit each individual learner’s capabilities
  • Maintaining total confidentiality.
  • Being well organized and providing productive feedback


An intake assessment interview will be administered to determine acceptance.

Miramichi Literacy Council Office
1745 Water Street
Suite 208
Miramichi, NB
E1N 1B2

Dates and Times
Mutually agreed times to be determined by you and your tutor. Minimum four hours a week.

Free of charge.

Program Components

This program is designed to work with adults who have little or no reading ability, those seeking their GED, and those requiring English as a second language.

The basic program starts with the Laubach Way To Reading. You are taught the different sounds of consonants and vowels, and how to pronounce the words using phonics.

The latter enables you to pronounce words correctly and therefore learn the spelling of words accordingly.

On completion of this step, you will continue to learn grammar, sentence writing, paragraph writing, and essay writing.

You will progress to the Challenger and Voyager Series where you will learn life skills, and higher levels of the English Language and English Writing.

Basic mathematics taught by our tutors are addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


“I was having a lot of difficulties with Math and then my teacher suggested Tutoring One-to-One and it helped a lot.  My overall understanding of Math increased as well as my marks.  The individualized help was very effective for me.” L.M.

“It only took me 2 Tutoring One-to-One sessions to grasp the concept I was struggling with.  The teacher was so helpful and patient with me when I didn’t understand something.” A.T.